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Rules of Mafia – A Fun Game For Parties Or Chat Forums

Mafia is a party game that was invented in 1986. Since then it’s become a hit for youth groups, drama club warm ups, geek conventions, and the like. It’s simple, but get you thinking in ways that many party games … Continue reading

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Mass Effect Chess Set

Here’s a somewhat pointless article: An idea of what form a Mass Effect Chess Set could take! Having seen Shepard play a little of some futuristic chess in Mass Effect 3, it got me thinking about a real world counterpart. … Continue reading

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Rules of Shithead

Shithead (in polite company known as ‘Shed’) is a popular game amongst anyone who plays the thing. In fact it is getting so popular I’m becoming mildly tired of teaching it to people. So here it is! The rules!

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