Pokémon Vs Dating

It seems to be like a life in the dating game has parallels to the Pokémon game.

Your first time out, you’re self conscious, unaware and not sure what you’re doing so you pick the Bulbasaur. Sort of chunky, a bit weird looking with a few too many spots.

But then you see your friend leave with a firey little number, the Charmander and another friend with a rude and wierd Squirtle who has some odd but exciting bedroom habits.

So you decide you want something a bit more like that. A bit more exciting. Someone with a bit more of a spark that suits you.

It’s cute and brings some electricity into your life. But something isn’t quite right. It doesn’t quite do it for you. So you decide that you want the one. The rare nigh on unobtainable bird that makes fireworks fly everytime you see her.

After all the hard work and retrying it took, the Zapdos you find is gorgeous, exciting, everything you dreamed it world be. But she grows to be too much for you to handle. She has too much energy flowing in her and you don’t think that you want that forever. However fun it is while it lasts, it’s not going to work all the time.

So. You decide to find the ultimate one. The one who will fulfill all your needs. Someone more intellectual maybe.

She doesn’t quite have the look you’re after and her intellect brings differences of interests. You don’t get on as well as you thought or hoped that you would.

In the end you decide enough is enough. You’re fed up with searching, failing to find the one who is just right for you. So you settle down and get yourself a cat.

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  1. T I says:

    That’s great 🙂 Hilarious!

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