Standard Day For A Londoner

Wake Up. Wish I didnt have to.

Think about breakfast and whether my stomach wants/can handle at this ungodly hour.

Eat or not depending on decision.

Rushedly dress, wash, brush teeth, get on train.Wish the journey was shorter. Bloody hell.

Get off train, and grab 3 Metros because there are never enough to go round.

Get into work through the staff door in plain view of the public, hoping that no nutter decides to follow me through the extremely poor security. In that there is none.

Do a days work, which doing what I do should in theory be quite fun, but although it has its moments is usually monotonous and dull, only really brightened by my workmates who are a decent bunch for the most part.

Have lunch, its always a toss up between having too much and leaving loads for another day or having too little and being starved for the rest of the day.

Get to the last half hour of the day and start watching the clock, despite fully knowing that makes the day drag even more.

Get to the last few minutes of the day and start hoping my relief will arrive early, but remind myself of the inprobabilty.

Relief either surprises my pessimism of the situation or confirms it.

Either way I am pleased of it.

Say a quick goodbye and bugger off as quick as I can.

Grab an Evening Standard, even though theyre boring and get on the next train, which is usually a bit longer of a wait than I would have hoped.Wish the train journey was shorter, especially as I’m usually stood and cramped.

Get home, cant open the door fast enough.

Fling my stuff wherever it roughly needs to be. Usually use the loo, getting confused about whether to do it before or after taking my bag and stuff off.

Turn lappy on to check mail etc.

Wait for wifey, and probably cook so our dinners ready for her arrival. (Unless Im in late, then dinner is ready when I arrive.)

We eat, and watch an episode from one of our favourite tv shows while doing so.


Either go back on lappy, chuck on a movie or play some ps3/ps2/xbox/psp.

Next time I check the time, it is later than I intended to go to bed.

Finish what Im doing, then get ready for bed.

Sex if its available.

Sleep and hope I dream of something awesome and remember it in the morning.

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One Response to Standard Day For A Londoner

  1. Christopher Banks says:

    Part one of the crushing despair in which you live. I very much look forward to part two soon!

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