Telltale’s The Walking Dead – Making The Tough Choices: Season 2

Continuing on from Season 1, let’s go through the incredible jourwalking dead season 2 artney in Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

This article will be a huge spoiler as I go through the game describing the decisions I made and why. So really, this is for those who have already been through their own journey and are curious about what others may have done. As I played, I had not read any walkthroughs or spoilers, so I had no idea what my choices would mean. After playing I checked some guides and now knowing the consequences I may have made different moves in some places, but as mentioned before, this was my story, and part of that is living with the mistakes. I’ve replaced ‘I’s and ‘me’s with the name of the playable character.

Episode 1: All That Remains

Eight months after the death of Lee, Clementine is still travelling with Omid and Christa. Omid talks about how he wants to name their baby after himself, but Clem asks what if it’s a girl. They stop at a public restroom next to Gil’s Pitstop to clean up. After heading into the female restroom, Clementine puts her gun down and begins to wash but accidentally drops her bottle of water and heads into a stall to retrieve it. After retrieving it, she hears someone coming in. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine stays in the stall as the stranger, another young girl, retrieves the weapon. The girl realises that Clem is there and calls her out. She demands all of her things, but Clem insists that she has nothing to give. Omid enters and sees what is happening. He tries to sneak up on the girl, but when the door behind him closes loudly, the girl instinctively shoots him dead. Christa rushes in, and the girl drops the gun and tries to apologise, but the distraught Christa shoots her without a second thought.

Sixteen months later Clem and Christa are alone, noticeably without a baby. Christa is clearly still in mourning. They plan to head to Wellington where Christa has heard it will be safer. Christa goes to find more firewood and leaves Clem to tend their fire. Searching through her backpack she is reminded of the old days when she sees Lee’s photo, and her drawing of Kenny and his family. She takes the lighter from her bag, and uses a log she finds to build the fire up. She hears a noise nearby.

She cautiously goes to investigate and sees Christa being held at gunpoint by men, demanding to know if anyone is with her. Christa tries to hide any information, but Clem decides to reveal herself and try to help. She throws a rock to distract the men, and Christa breaks loose. One of the men goes after Clem, and several walkers are attracted by the commotion. Clem manages to get the man caught by a walker, but in her own attempt to escape she falls into a river.

The next day, she wakes up on the banks of the river, and meets a dog named Sam. She finds an abandoned campsite which had once belonged to Sam’s owners. She looks around the camp and manages to find a can of beans, but is unable to open it. Sam leads her to a walker tied to a tree with a red pocket knife sticking out of its arm. Remembering Lee’s advice, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife. walking dead season 2 ep 1 part 2

After using the pocket knife to pry open the can, Sam begins to beg. Clem offers to share some of the food with her new companion, but he isn’t satisfied with what she gives him and turns on her. He bites her arm and refuses to let go. She takes the can and tries to hit him off, but is only able to get free when she kicks him away. Sam is knocked quite a way and is impaled on some old tent posts. Clem sad about how her new friendship has ended, uses the knife to end his life quickly, rather than letting him bleed out painfully.

Clementine heads off and eventually collapses from exhaustion in the woods, only to find that she’s surrounded by several walkers. She tries to escape, but is almost overwhelmed when two men come to her rescue. Luke carries her away and Pete watches his back.

It’s not long before they notice the bite on her arm, and Luke assumes that it’s from a walker. Clem insists that it was a dog, and explains that there’s a camp not far off where it happened. The dog’s body would still be there if they wanted to check, but she couldn’t suggest that. Pete decides to give her a chance, and they take her back to their cabin, where she can be seen by a doctor. Clem passes out.

When she wakes, she is met by several people arguing about what to do with her. A man tells his young daughter to go inside. One pregnant woman is not happy about Clem being there at all. Pete suggests amputating her arm to be done with it. As she wakes, she startles a younger man named Nick, who fires his rifle and almost kills her. Carlos the doctor takes a look at her, while the group argues. She thinks about trying to appeal to one of them to support her case. Obviously not the woman. Not the trigger happy idiot. Not Luke as he thinks she is bitten. Maybe Pete, but she isn’t keen on his amputation suggestion. The doctor seems the best bet, seeing as he might actually recognise that the bite is not human.

The group decides to keep her in a shed overnight. They’ll be able to tell if she had been bitten by a walker in the morning as the fever would have set in. But they also refuse to treat her wound, as if she had been infected, the supplies would be wasted on her.

Locked in the shed, Clem is concerned that she will die from her wound if it goes untreated and tries to find a way to patch herself up. There is precious little of use in the shed, but she is able to escape through a boarded up hole in the back.

She finds a way into the house through a gap under the patio that leads to a trap door into the house. She can hear the group still arguing, but decides to move quickly to avoid being caught. She goes upstairs, and her first stop is the bathroom. She finds a needle, but when she hears footsteps, she hides in the shower. The pregnant woman (Rebecca) enters and worriedly mumbles to herself about her baby, revealing that she is not certain who the father is.

Clem then sneaks into the bedroom opposite and meets Sarah, a girl roughly her age. Clem asks for her help, and Sarah agrees. She asks Clem if that makes them friends, and Clem tells her it does. Sarah gives her some peroxide. In the last bedroom, Clem finds some rags to use as bandage. She then sneaks out the way she came in.

Back in the shed, Clem sutures her arm as best she can. Her cries of pain attract a walker who managed to squeeze in through the hole she had made in the wall. It’s a bit of a panicked struggle, but Clem manages to kill the walker. All the noise of the scuffle attracts the group from the cabin. Clem tells them that she’s still not bit.

They bring her back to the cabin, and Carlos finishes treating her. He confirms that her wound is a dog bite. Knowing that she had spoken to Sarah earlier, he then warns Clem to stay away from his daughter as he doesn’t want her corrupted. Clem agrees, not wanting an argument at this stage, but knows that in this walker infested world, that is much easier said than done.

Luke offers Clem some food and sits with her. He seems much more open to her than he did when he thought she was bitten. She mentions how she knew someone who lost an arm before. Luke asks her what she will do next, and she mentions that she needs to find her lost friend. Luke says she can stay with them until she’s healed up.

Nick comes in and apologises for almost shooting her. Clem isn’t too satisfied with the apology, but tries to stay cool about it.

Luke curiously asks what had happened to her parents. She tells him that they died on vacation, and she had survived because of Lee.

Pete comes in and tells them they’ll go check the fish traps together in the morning, so Luke decides to go to bed, leaving Clem alone to finish eating. Rebecca then comes in and is unimpressed that she is being fed. She tells her to not get too comfortable. Clem asks her who the father is, and Rebecca decides to leave her alone.

The following day, Clementine, Pete, and Nick are out heading to the river. Pete talks about Nick’s childhood, and Nick is embarrassed by the story he chooses.

At the river, they find several dead bodies scattered across the banks, implying a recent battle. Pete mentions that an individual named Carver may have been responsible and they should investigate. After a short time searching, Clementine finds her backpack next to one of the bodies and suddenly realises that the man is still alive. It was one of the bandits who had separated her from Christa. Injured and weak, the man begs for water, but Clem walks away from him. Whoever he is, he’s not worth her pity.

Suddenly, a large number of walkers descend on the river. Clem sees Pete get bitten on the ankle. Clem on an island in the middle of the river, sees Pete being swarmed on the bank to her right, while Nick is fighting walkers off on the bank to the left. Recalling how Lee had faced similar situations, she realised that if she helps one, the other might be killed. Pete calls for Clem and Nick to come to him, but Nick says he is pinned although he has ammo to hold his ground.

Time is so short, and she has to decide fast. The decision seems obvious. Pete is bitten, he’s already a lost cause. She runs to Nick, dodging walkers as she goes. Pete is cornered by two walkers and killed. Nick opens fire on the walkers, but is too late. Clementine tells him that they have to go, but he angrily demands to know why she didn’t help Pete. They quickly flee into the woods. ep1 20160611185453_1

Episode 2: A House Divided

Nick and Clem find a shed to hide in and barricade the door with a crate. Nick sits silently, not wanting to talk or help after the death of his father.

Clem finds some jars, which Nick tells her are full of whiskey. They realise that all they can do for now is stay put, so Clem goes to sleep.

She is woken by an angered Nick lobbing jars at the wall. Clem talks to him, and he tells her about his mother. He offers her a drink, and she accepts, but doesn’t like it. All the while Clem wonders if she should have helped Pete. Nick might have been ok, and Pete would probably have even suggested that he amputate his foot. Maybe he would have survived too. Nick is convinced that they should try and get back to the cabin. As they try to escape though, walkers come for them, and so Nick keeps their attention so Clem can get away.

Clem finds Carlos and Rebecca at the cabin, and they tell her that Luke and Alvin (Rebecca’s husband) are out looking for her and the others. Clem tells them that Pete is dead. Carlos and Rebecca decide to go and get everyone back to the cabin. Carlos asks Clem to take care of Sarah and not let anyone apart from them into the cabin.

Clem goes up to Sarah’s room and is surprised by her snapping a photo. Sarah then asks Clem to take one of her. As her ‘friend’ she agrees to it. She tells Clem that she found a gun under the cabin. Clem decides to ignore Carlos’ warnings and show Sarah how to use the gun, believing that she needs to know how to defend herself. She gives Sarah the same advice that Lee gave her when she was being taught.

After the lesson, Sarah spots someone outside and assumes that it’s Luke. When she sees who it is, she becomes panicked. Clem takes the lead. She opens the door to speak to the stranger, and asks who he is. He is very shady with giving any information, and seems to try to present a friendly demeanour, calling himself George. Clem does not want to let him in, or tell him anything, and says she is alone in the house. The man comes into the house, despite Clem not inviting him to. He seems to be snooping, and Clem wants to find out who he is and what is happening. He goes into the kitchen to nose around a bit. Clem notices a knife on the table that she could use, but holds back, thinking she’ll grab it if he tries anything or doesn’t leave. The man says he is looking for a group of people, and accurately describes the people who live in the cabin. Clem continues to fake ignorance. When he finds the photo of Sarah from earlier, he asks who she is. Clem lies and tells him that she is her sister, and that she is dead. As he leaves, he warns Clem not to trust the cabin group, and that they are not what they seem.

The group return and Clem tells them what happened and tries to describe the intruder. Sarah mentions that he had seen her photo, and Clem admits to taking it. The group believe that it was Carver. Luke and Carlos decide that the group needs to leave and head north.

As they travel, Rebecca approaches Clem and apologises for her attitude before. The group reaches the shed where Clem and Nick spent the night. Gladly they find him safe and alive. They all go on together, but Nick still has not completely recovered from his trauma.

Five days later, they come to a canyon, with a river running through it. Across the other side is a lodge, and there is a bridge allowing them a way to cross. Clem and Luke choose to scout ahead to see if it’s safe for them all. Nick is frustrated to be left behind.

On the bridge Clem and Luke save each other’s lives from a walker attack, and once across the bridge, they are stopped by a man with a rifle. They explain who they are and that they are only passing through, and so the man lowers his gun, willing to offer help and food. Suddenly, Nick appears holding his gun in their direction, threatening the stranger. Clem and Nick call out to him to stop, but he shoots and the man is killed. His body drops to the river below. Clem and Luke are not impressed with Nick’s deadly mistake.

The rest of the group catches up, and stop at the small building where the man had been staying. Clem searches while the others rest up and finds a hunting knife and some canned food. Alvin enters the hut and asks if his pregnant wife can have the can. Clem agrees, and Alvin says he will keep it quiet. The group is forced to move on when they notice a herd of walkers crossing the bridge, so they head toward the lodge.

The group approach the ski resort, while Clem climbs a cable tower to see if she can spot anyone following them. She sees lights near the forest on the opposite side of the bridge, but before she can report it, she hears arguing. Her group have been confronted by the group already living at the lodge. Clem rushes to the ground to join the groups and see if she can help.kenny season 2

To her amazement, she finds that among the ski lodgers is Kenny. The bond between the two, allows the two groups to come together in mutual trust.

She learns that Kenny has a new girlfriend named Sarita and has been living here with an older man named Walter.

Walter asks that they leave their weapons at the door, and they agree as a show of faith. The group settles in to the lodge, and Sarah helps Sarita put up Christmas ornaments. She mentions how she always used to have an angel on her tree, and Clem is able to find one for her. Clem also speaks to Walter some more, who seems like a truly good person, which is a rare find in the apocalypse.

When dinner is served, Kenny saves a seat by him for Clem, which she takes. Luke seems disappointed by this. Clem simply wants to catch up and find out what happened since she last saw him. After a while, Luke and Nick move and join Kenny and Clem, which makes her feel better. It’s not long before they all begin arguing though. The argument comes to an end when Kenny accidentally refers to Clem as Duck. Clem informs Luke that Duck was his son.

Walter asks Clementine if she could help him outside. He tells her how he still has hope for the world, and speaks proudly about his partner Matthew. Clem is convinced that this ‘Matthew’ was the man they met on the bridge, but says nothing. Shortly afterwards, Kenny joins them, and they find a woman (Bonnie from 400 Days) checking out the lodge. She says she is friendly, just looking for supplies for her family, and doesn’t want any trouble. Clem tells Walter to check her for weapons. Walter gives her a big box of food and let’s her go on her way.

Back inside, Luke tells Clementine that the man on the bridge was Walter’s partner, Matthew, and it would be best for her to not tell Nick or Walter. He doesn’t want to ruin the good thing they have here. Nick walks up and wants to know what they are talking about in private, leaving him out again. Although, Clem thinks trying to hide the truth from Walter is a good idea, she is not sure she can be dishonest with Nick after he saved her life. She shows him the photo of Walter and Matthew together. Clementine realises that she has Matthew’s knife in her bag, and if Walter finds it, that will give the game away. She quietly goes to get it and dispose of it.

When she goes to her bag, Clementine finds it is missing. She sees Walter outside, holding it in his hands. Clementine approaches him and he asks her how Matthew died. She admits that Nick had made a bad decision and killed him, thinking that at this stage, honesty was the only course of action. Walter then asks her if Nick is a good man or not. She tells him that he saved her life. Nick comes out to them, and Walter turns to him, emotions running high, asking for Nick to tell him what happened. Nick can only apologise. Walter throws the knife away. Then the rising storm causes the windmill to spin rapidly, making a loud sound.

Kenny, Luke, Carlos, Walter, Sarita, Nick, and Clementine go to stop the windmill in case the noise attracts walkers. Kenny and Luke go to check on the transformer, which had just blown, as Clementine fixes the windmill with the others covering her.

It was too late though, walkers had found them and dozens were coming from all angles. After fighting through several, Clem sees Nick struggling with a walker. To her surprise, Walter shoots the zombie off him, saving his life.

Clementine runs inside, and hears machine-gun fire as a small group walks out from the woods and finishes off the walkers with assault rifles. She finds Alvin and Rebecca taking cover on the balcony.

The machine-gun group consists of the man who entered the cabin, Bonnie, and two other men. Clem’s group recognises the intruder as Carver, before he takes Carlos and begins to beat him. Sarah runs to try and protect her father, but Carver orders his people to round up the cabin and lodge group and line them up inside. They are all knelt down as though ready for execution. Somehow Luke and Kenny avoid capture. Carver wants Rebecca to show herself, believing that she is carrying his son. He threatens to kill Carlos if she doesn’t.

Alvin, Clementine and Rebecca decide what they should do. Fearing for Carlos imminent fate, Clem insists they surrender and try to reason their way out of this. They reveal themselves, and given a moment of distraction, Kenny is able to snipe one of Carver’s men. In retaliation Carver throws Walter to the ground and shoots him in the head. He then takes hold of Alvin, and reminds him of the man he had killed called George. He calls to Kenny to give himself up or he will kill Alvin too. Clem runs to help Alvin, but seeing her in danger causes Kenny to comply with Carver’s demand.

Afterwards, Luke is still not present and Carver assumes he ran to save himself. He then orders his remaining people to take the survivors “home”.

ep2 20160612163042_1

Episode 3: In Harm’s Way

Clementine stares at a moth on a tree, while she waits for Sarah to finish using a tree as a bathroom. Sarah then thanks her friend for watching her back. One of Carver’s guards, Troy, calls them back. Carver meanwhile is talking to an unknown individual back at his camp over his walkie-talkie, telling them to prepare for the arrival of both the old and new prisoners, and that tensions may run high. Mentioning that they should be back within 30 minutes, Carver commands Troy to restrain Clementine and Sarah’s hands and get them back on the truck.

In the back of the truck, the survivors remain silent, glancing worryingly at one another. Eventually, Kenny speaks up, saying that they have to do something in order to get out. He then asks Clementine to help him find something sharp to cut the bindings off. Kenny starts to become agitated at their current situation, and Carlos attempts to calm Kenny down, telling him to keep a level head and to not cause unnecessary trouble. Kenny will continue to insist on attempting to escape, while the rest of the cabin survivors continue to warn Kenny of Carver’s dangerous nature, stating that he has no idea what kind of man he is dealing with. Kenny will remark that he has a “pretty good idea” of who Carver is, stating that he is only trying to help before something similar happens to the rest of them. Carlos will scold Kenny for his impulsive behaviour, stating that there are consequences to rash actions, and that Kenny mistakes their surrendering to Carver in order to avoid further conflict as them giving up.

Kenny will notice a sharp piece of metal jutting out of the truck, which he uses to cut the bindings off. Kenny asks Clem if she will support him. She asks what his plan is, and he says he will knock out the first guard he sees, take their gun and shoot his way out through the rest. Clem knows that this is a terrible plan, but assures him that she has his back. The rest of the group hold out hope that Luke is coming for them. Kenny thinks Luke is either long gone, or dead.

Eventually, the truck begins to come to a stop at Howe’s Hardware store. Kenny prepares himself for action. He walks towards the door, waiting for it to open, but when the truck makes a hard brake, Kenny is thrown into the door and falls down unconscious. Sarita rushes in to make sure he is okay, while Carlos remarks that it was “probably for the best” that Kenny was knocked out.

The truck is opened by Troy, Tavia, and Bonnie, who appears regretful regarding the events at the ski lodge. The group is then escorted into the hardware store. Carver is seen talking through a PA system in a second floor office, telling his people that they are welcoming both new and old guests. He states that regardless of their actions, they must attempt to forgive them, and come to terms with their reintegration into the group. As Carver continues to speak of the status of a nearby herd of walkers, and of his hopes to continue the expansion of the camp, Troy asks Carlos to follow him, as they need some of their people to be looked at. Carlos asks if it can wait, as they are all exhausted, but Troy forcefully makes him come along with him. Troy escorts Carlos away from the rest of the group, as Sarah expresses concern over her father, saying that she needs him, as he looks after her. Clem assures her that he will be back for her.

The group are taken to a segregated garden area, dubbed “the pen” by Carver, a holding area where those who break Carver’s rules, or are new to the group, are sent to prove their worth and value, and ultimately earn their way into Carver’s main group and community. Carver will finish his speech over the PA system, stating that it is no longer an obligation to simply survive, but to make the community a beacon of hope for other survivors in the area.

The group are untied by Troy and the rest, and are greeted by Reggie, an old friend and member of Carver’s community, who helped the cabin survivors escape the compound previously, but was unable to escape along with them. The others are in shock to find out that he had lost his arm since they had last seen him. Nick feels responsible for the loss of Reggie’s arm, but he assures Nick and the group that the loss of his arm was not their fault, and happened on his own accord once they had escaped. Reggie tells them that he lost his arm due to being bitten by a walker while he was distracted, but that they were able to immediately amputate his arm, thus saving his life. Tavia enters the pen asking for Alvin, telling him that Carver wants to speak to him in his office. Rebecca pleads for him to stay, but Alvin reassures her that he will be fine, as Carver would have already done something if he intended to hurt him. Rebecca then introduces her new friends to Reggie: Sarita, Kenny, and Clementine. Reggie asks about Carlos’ whereabouts, and they tell him that Carlos is looking at some of the people from the community. Reggie then asks about Pete, but upon seeing the saddened faces of the group, infers that he has died. Another survivor grunts irritated as he lies in his sleeping bag. Reggie will apologise to him, and goes on the tell the group that the man, whose name is Mike, is the one who amputated his arm and saved his life, and that he has a tendency to be cranky when he is tired.

Reggie tries to tell them that the community is not that bad and they are working towards building a real community. He hopes to convince the survivors to take part in the process. The group strongly disagrees and Clementine tells him that Carver killed her friend Walter. Reggie insists that Carver gave him a second chance after their escape, instead of simply killing him, and that he is sure he would do the same for the rest of the group. He tells them that he is close to being let back into the main group, and doesn’t want any trouble to ruin his chances now. Clem agrees to not get Reggie in trouble, but she is not happy to sit back and take what Carver is serving them.

Clementine will notices a woman watching them as they talk, and asks who she is. Reggie says that the woman is “weird”, and that Carver’s men found her outside the compound sneaking around covered in what is presumed to be walker guts. Rebecca has a small contraction, and needs to sit down. While Sarita and Sarah help Rebecca to relax, Reggie and the rest of the survivors continue to chat among themselves.

Kenny tells Clementine that he does not trust Reggie, and asks her to investigate the area, while he distracts him. Her tells her to look around for anything that they could use to escape. Clementine tries to talk to Mike and the woman, but neither are interested in conversation. The woman tries to scare her away. She talks to Nick, who tells her that he can’t imagine that Luke has abandoned them. Clem tries to stay optimistic. She speaks to Rebecca, who is upset that she can’t remember that last time she told Alvin she loved him. Clementine reassures her that Alvin knows it, which Rebecca appreciates.

After a short while, Clem had found little of use and, Troy brought back Carlos. He ordered the group to go to sleep, threatening to shoot them if they wander around during the night. Rebecca will ask him where Alvin is, receiving no answer as Troy shuts the gate. Before the group goes to sleep, Kenny asks Clementine if she is both ready and willing to help. She, of course, is.

In the morning, Troy kicks a sleeping Clementine to wake her up. He tells her that Carver is going to debrief the group. She already didn’t much like this guy, but now it was personal. She was going to see him dead.

Carver arrives, with Troy, Tavia, and another guard standing watch. He explains the herd situation, giving a status update and a heads-up to be mindful when outside the walls. Carver will mention that while the group may be sore over the previous night’s events, it is in the past and that they must move forward. He will go on to state that whether the survivors are new to the community, or members who have went astray, they can all find redemption through hard labour, proving their worth once more. He tells Reggie that he is nearly back into the group, and will be welcomed back with open arms if he continues to keep up the good work. Carver then begins to give each survivor their assignments for the day.

As he speaks, Sarah tries to chat with Clementine, who tells her to be quiet. She continues speaking, and a visibly irritated Carver shouts at Carlos, telling him that his daughter is being disrespectful. Carlos tells Sarah to apologise to Carver, but he is unsatisfied with a simple apology; he demands that Carlos ‘discipline’ her. Carlos asks what he means, and Carver proposes that he slaps Sarah as punishment. Initially hesitant, Carlos attempts to avoid having to hit his own daughter, but Carver threatens him by saying if Carlos doesn’t do it, he’ll have Troy hit her instead, implying his treatment to be much worse in comparison. With no other option, Carlos regretfully turns to Sarah, who is desperately apologising to him. He tells her that it will only hurt for a moment, and pauses for a brief moment before Carver tells him to do it. After smacking Sarah, Carlos tearfully states in a soft voice that he is sorry, but Carver refuses to let him continue to coddle Sarah, and let her understand the consequences of her actions.

Afterwards, the group is ordered by Carver to get to work. Tavia tells Clementine that she will be working in the armoury with Bonnie.

Clementine is walked to the armoury, and is greeted by Bonnie, who gestures for her to sit down with her. Bonnie tells her that she is loading weapon magazines. Clementine quickly and instinctively begins loading the bullets along with Bonnie. Bonnie attempts to apologise about lying to Clementine, Kenny, and Walter when she was caught back at the lodge. She says she never thought strangers would be so kind to her, and that she didn’t realise what would happen when Carver went back. She also mentions that she had planned to leave with Luke and the rest of the cabin survivors when they escape the compound. She ultimately decided to stay, justifying that it would be easier to stay in the community and try to fix it’s problems, rather than escape to begin all over again, as she claims Carver used to be a different person, and that she was sure that he would be able to come around. She tells of how Luke tried to convince her that Carver’s community, and his true motives, are not what they seem, and considers that he might have been right to leave after all. Bonnie hopes that Luke is still alive and safe outside, subtly implying that she had shared a relationship with him at one point. Tavia then calls on the walkie-talkie, asking if Clementine is still with her, as she has another job for her to do. Bonnie then gives Clementine a jacket which she found back at the lodge as a small present. Tavia eventually makes her way over, and Bonnie sees Clementine off.

Tavia escorts Clementine to the roof of the hardware store, intending to have her work in the greenhouse. Clementine hears weeping within the greenhouse, and discovers Sarah cowering in a corner, still recovering from the earlier incident. Clementine attempts to comfort her, as Sarah states that her dad had never hit her before. Clementine tells her that Carlos did not want to do it, and that Carver is the one who forced him to. She tries to convince her that really Carver was the one who hit her.

Reggie enters the greenhouse with Tavia, who tells him to be careful to not mess up this time. Tavia puts Reggie in charge of the girls and leaves them to their tasks. Reggie teaches the two girls how to cut the blueberry branches and shear off any dead leaves for composting. Clementine immediately understands, but both her and Reggie notice Sarah, shaken and hesitant. Reggie asks Clementine if Sarah is alright, as he understands that what happened to her was hard for her, but doesn’t want her to get anyone, including himself, in trouble. Clementine assures him that Sarah will be okay, and Reggie leaves the two girls to get on with their work. Clem goes to her table to start her work, but notices Sarah, still standing nervously frozen with the shears in hand. Clementine goes over to calm Sarah down and helps her do her chores.

After a while, Carver visits the greenhouse to check on the girls, only to see Clementine’s batch undone. Carver becomes frustrated at Reggie, stating that he has given him multiple chances and claims that he does not understand what is at stake. Carver sends Clementine and Sarah outside of the greenhouse so he can have a private conversation with Reggie. Clementine and Sarah will walk out of the greenhouse, and Sarah will anxiously continue to walk towards the edge of the roof, seemingly contemplating the idea of jumping off. As Clementine approaches Sarah and asks if she is okay, they are interrupted as Carver shoves Reggie out of the greenhouse. Carver angrily exclaims he has given him far too many chances, as Reggie desperately apologises. Carver grabs Reggie and throws him off the roof to his death. Carver states that weakness and incompetence will not be tolerated within the community. Clementine is then told by Carver to go back inside to Bonnie, who has more work for her to do, while he stays behind to speak to Sarah, who is visibly shaken by the incident.

Clementine proceeds downstairs and finds Bonnie. Bonnie asks Clementine to take a bucket of nails out to the people working on the expansion. Noticing that Clementine seems upset, she asks what’s wrong, and Clementine, having gained a small amount of faith in Bonnie although not able to trust her entirely, tells her that Carver killed Reggie. Bonnie doesn’t believer her, thinking it must have been an accident. She tells Clementine to quickly take the nails to the expansion and to be careful as to not draw more attention to herself, while she goes to ask Carver what happened. Bonnie lets Clementine outside, telling Troy, who is standing watch upon the rooftop, that she is going to take the expansion workers some nails. After reaching the end of the expansion, and noticing the walls being pushed upon by a group of walkers, she enters an annexed shoe store that is in the process of being fortified.

Once inside, Kenny is seen arguing with Mike about doing forced labour. Kenny, not intent on working, pins Mike against a boarded-up window, with Mike angrily telling him to let go. Clementine tries to defuse the argument, which eventually results in Kenny letting go of Mike, but causes the weakened boards covering the window to fall down, allowing a small cluster of walkers to break through the glass and enter the store. As the three are split up, a walker gives chase to Clementine. With no suitable weapon to kill the walker with, Clementine backs up into a wall, and goes behind an overturned display rack, attempting to escape. The walker follows suit as Clementine scurries away, managing to get the walker to crush itself against the shelf. After noticing more walkers closing in on her, she retreats into a storage room, only to fall over and get tangled in a wire. Clementine gets tackled by a walker, and is saved just in time by Troy, who kills the walker with a crossbow. Troy will then yell at Clementine to go back inside, and proceeds to chastise Kenny and Mike for managing to ruin a simple patch-up job, disappointed that he now has to babysit them to ensure that it gets done properly.

On her way back inside, Clementine is ambushed and pulled into a comic shop by an unknown person. The person reveals themself as Luke, and explains that he had followed them since they were captured, managing to sneak into the compound unseen. He goes on to say that he hasn’t slept or eaten since they were taken, and is visibly pale and fatigued. He states that there are guards stationed all over the compound, watching all possible exits and holes they could use to escape. He then continues to mention the large herd of walkers nearby, and insists that they will eventually swarm the community, explaining that it’s bigger than any other herd Carver has had to face before. Luke then asks Clementine to get him a walkie-talkie and meet him in the comic shop at about the same time the next day, intending to figure out the guard patrol schedules in order to pick the right opportunity to escape. She is unsure how she will manage to get a walkie, as the security is so tight, but agrees to try. He makes a clear point that they will not be able to simply shoot their way out of the compound, and that they’ll have to plan the escape out thoroughly.

Upon leaving the comic shop, Troy stops Clementine, demanding to know what she was doing inside. She tells him she was hiding from walkers, and he tells her never to go in there again before informing Clementine that Carver wishes to speak with her.

Clementine arrives at the office as Rebecca is leaving in tears. Carver says that she is a strong woman, but is surrounded by weak men, something he won’t let his child be raised around. In the office, Alvin is handcuffed to a chair in the corner of the room, badly beaten and unconscious. Carver warns Clementine that she shouldn’t be concerned over Alvin’s well-being, as she is already close to trouble herself. Carver then invites her to a chair and starts to explain his reasoning behind killing Reggie. He tells her that he liked Reggie, claiming that optimistic and light-hearted people like him are needed for morale, but that he was weak of both will and character. He states that Reggie has had a string of “screw-ups” recently, which have almost put the community in jeopardy multiple times. Carver explains that with the high risks involved with keeping a large group of people alive, incompetence and failure cannot be tolerated, as it has the potential to put everyone in danger. He goes on to state that killing one person in order to save many is one of the basic components of survival. Clementine disagrees with this ruthless type of thinking. Carver claims that it is a decision that weak people are not able to make, and so it falls to the strong people- people like himself– to make these hard decisions in order to lead the weak to safety. He explains that he and Clementine are much alike, noting Clementine’s extraordinary resilience, courage and willpower, which he had noticed back at the cabin. Clementine denies that she is anything like him, but Carver seems to think that Clem just doesn’t see it yet. He proposes that Clementine already realises the similarities, but isn’t comfortable with them yet, believing that there is no way she would have lasted this long otherwise. He refers to Clementine as a kid raised “the right way,” the way his child will be raised. He expresses that he has had worries about who he would hand off his legacy to, but now that Clementine is around, he no longer has anything to worry about. Clementine tells Carver that the child Rebecca is carrying is Alvin’s. Carver will state that even if it was Alvin’s, it’s his now.

Carver is then interrupted by a call from Tavia. She tells Carver that Troy backed into the loading bay door when they brought the group in, and that it is damaged so that it won’t close all the way. She states that it isn’t anything to be overly worried about, and advises Carver to have someone take a look at the door in order to repair it. In the middle of the conversation, Clementine eyes the microphone and PA system in his office, making note of it. Carver, annoyed over Troy’s recklessness, tells Clementine to head back out to the pen, as it is almost time for supper.

Clementine returns to the group as they are discussing how they can escape. She returns in the middle of the conversation, as Mike criticises Kenny’s plan, which consists of drawing the herd to the compound, and escaping in the middle of the ensuing chaos. While Rebecca and Mike are in opposition to Kenny’s plan, Clem stays silent waiting to hear an alternative. Rebecca will say that Luke’s plan is the one she votes for, as its the safer and smarter alternative, revealing that Luke had been able to contact a few more of them. Kenny argues against it, noting the amount of time that it could potentially take. Kenny stubbornly refers back to his plan once more, stating that all they need is something that can make enough noise to draw the attention of the approaching herd. Mike will make mention of the various speakers around the building, specifically the ones pointed towards the parking lot. Rebecca says that it is all controlled within Carver’s office, as she used to make most of the announcements when she was previously part of the community. She notes that the outside speakers are turned off by default, but if someone could sneak into the office, they could enable them in order to draw the herd towards the store. Kenny thinks that it’s perfect for his needs, and questions why Rebecca didn’t bring this information up sooner. She says it’s because it doesn’t change anything; the safe and sensible option is still to get Luke the radio. Clementine seems to be in the middle of the argument again, but suggests that they can put both plans together. The group agrees that a distraction would help them sneak out with Luke’s using the radio to monitor both the movement of the herd and the guards, using the information to pick the right time to escape, and to pick the safest route through the herd.

The next problem with plan is that they need a way to get through the herd once they are out. The mysterious woman finally speaks up; Jane says that she passes through herds regularly by covering herself in the walker guts in order to camouflage herself and hide her scent. Rebecca and Mike dismiss the idea as crazy, refusing to believe that it would work. However, Clementine tells the group that she and Lee had used the same trick to escape Marsh House. With the plan in place, the group tries to figure out how to acquire a walkie-talkie. Jane says that she also has a plan for that, saying that they can use the winch in the yard to hoist Clementine up to the roof, where she can drop down into the stock-room from the skylights in order to grab a radio. Clementine agrees, and Kenny asks Mike to help pull her up.

Mike begins to lift Clementine up to the roof, but is interrupted by the guards returning to check on the survivors. He has to let go of the rope so that they are not seen, forcing Clementine to grab onto a nearby ladder and climb the rest of the way herself. As she climbs the ladder, she notices the gigantic herd beginning to manifest in the distance. Reaching the roof, Clementine spots a guard overlooking the parking lot, talking to Tavia over his walkie-talkie. He mentions the herd, which he estimates to number in the thousands. After sneaking across the roof, Clementine opens the skylight window over the stock-room, and climbs down. Tavia is seen pacing around the room, talking to Hank, the guard seen on the roof. As they discuss various topics, Clementine manages to evade Tavia’s line of sight, and takes two radios from the charging station. Clementine begins to scale the stock-room shelves back up to the roof as Tavia reaches for a pack of cigarettes, oblivious to Clementine’s presence. Clementine’s escape is made easier when Vince enters the room and talks to Tavia, warning her that she’s not allowed to do that there.

Clementine sneaks back to the group with the walkie-talkies, and lays in her bunk. Kenny reminisces about Duck, saying how he misses him and how he always remembers the dumb things he used to do, and how it gets harder each day to remember that he was a good boy. Kenny then tells the rest to get some rest, as they have a long day tomorrow.

The next morning, the group tries to decide who should deliver the walkie-talkie to Luke, but are interrupted by the arrival of Tavia. She takes Rebecca, Nick, Sarah, and Jane out to work, leaving Kenny, Mike, and Clementine alone in the pen. Tavia says that Troy will be coming for the rest of them. After Tavia leaves, Mike and Kenny continue to discuss who should take the radio. Kenny insists on Clementine taking it, as he trusts her and believes that her size and stature ensure the best chances of not getting caught, while Mike argues that he should take it, as Clementine is only a kid and shouldn’t be pressured into something so dangerous. Clem insists that she can do it. The bickering is cut short by the arrival of Troy, who makes a clear point that today will not be like yesterday; he will be keeping a clear eye on them the entire time to ensure nothing happens again, inadvertently complicating the plan. As Troy turns and commands the rest to follow, Kenny swiftly and stealthily places the radio in Clementine’s pocket.

On their way to work, Bonnie comes across them, telling Troy that Clementine is meant to be with her. Now separated from Kenny and Mike, Clementine walks with Bonnie, who says that she didn’t believe Clementine earlier regarding Reggie’s death. She went to talk to Carver after she told her, and he coldly assured her that Reggie’s death was necessary, much to Bonnie’s shock. Clementine is visibly anxious about having the radio in her pocket, and Bonnie asks if she is alright. Clementine doens’t feel that she can trust Bonnie, even though she was apologetic before, and looks for an excuse to get back to Kenny and Mike. She tells Bonnie that she needs to talk to them. Bonnie says that she understands that Clementine is uncomfortable around her, and won’t force her to stay around if she doesn’t want to.

Clementine enters the comic store to meet Luke, but he is nowhere to be found. Clementine shouts and looks for Luke, but after searching for a small amount of time, Troy enters the store, enraged, and slaps Clementine telling her she is not allowed to be in here.

Troy takes Clem, Kenny, and Mike back to the pen, where it is revealed that Luke has been captured by Carver. Carver expresses his disbelief over the deception, and how the group has repaid his trust and kindness with betrayal. He holds up the the walkie-talkie confiscated from the rest of the group, and tells them that whatever plan they had is over. After giving a brief speech about how they can’t simply run away from their problems and hardships, he demands to know where the other walkie-talkie is, asking for the thief to come forward. He begins to count to three, threatening further violence if the radio is not returned by then. Clementine steps forward to say that she found it, hoping to stop anyone coming to harm, but Kenny grabs it from her and takes the blame himself for stealing the walkie-talkie. Carver extends his hand, gesturing for Kenny to give it to him. Kenny cautiously approaches Carver, and drops the radio in his hand. Carver then continues his count to three, before beginning to viciously beat Kenny with the radio. Carver will repeatedly bash Kenny over the side of his head with the walkie-talkie, as Sarita and Nick desperately plead for him to stop. Sarita starts screaming and runs to defend Kenny, but Carlos restrains her, not wanting her to get hurt as well. Carlos calls out for Clementine to help him restrain Sarita, as Carver continues to brutally beat Kenny. Instead Clementine runs towards Kenny, only to be stopped by Troy, who hits her in the face with his rifle, knocking her to the floor and giving her a gash along her face. Carlos keeps Sarita from the same fate.

Bonnie arrives pleading for Carver to stop. She continues to tell him that there’s a breach, which gets Carver to immediately stop. He punches Kenny one last time, leaving him battered, bloody, and unconscious on the floor. Carver then moves out with the rest of his guards, telling Bonnie to stay behind and make sure the rest of the group doesn’t get in any more trouble while he’s gone. Carver also refuses to give the survivors supper as punishment for their attempted betrayal, before leaving the scene. Bonnie crouches down to check Clementine before telling Carlos to stabilise Kenny and get him able to move, as she plans to leave tonight.

After a few hours, Clementine wakes up to the aftermath of the beating; Sarita is seen crying over Kenny as Rebecca comforts her, while Luke and Mike speak with Bonnie at the gate. Rejoining the group by the fire, Luke and Mike report that Bonnie will unlock the gate and free them from the pen as soon as they can get the PA system running. Rebecca is elated by the news, but Luke is less optimistic. Luke goes on to argue that leaving tonight is too much of a risk, as Kenny is beaten to near death, Luke himself is still suffering from an earlier beating from Carver, and Rebecca is almost in labour. Mike and Rebecca argue against the prospect of staying, believing that the best course of action is to leave before Carver can do something worse to them. Nick sides with Luke.

Carlos comes back over to the group, shaking his head. Clementine asks if Kenny is okay, and Carlos goes on to state that Kenny’s orbital has been fractured, and that there is very little hope that he will be able to use his left eye again. While he cleaned the wound, got the swelling down, and did his best to bandage it, he cannot be sure of the extent of the damage until Kenny wakes up, but proposes that there is a very high chance that Kenny has suffered brain damage. Luke, playing the devil’s advocate, regretfully suggests that if the group really wants to leave tonight, they may have to consider leaving Kenny behind. Sarita immediately refuses, but Luke insists that there is no other way; if Kenny does not wake up on his own, they won’t be able to carry him out of the compound. Clementine does not wish to leave Kenny behind. Suddenly, Kenny wakes up on his own, and manages to stand up and stagger over to the group. Seemingly unfazed by his wound, Kenny states that the plan doesn’t change; they still leave tonight.

Kenny proposes that they should decide on a meeting spot, in case they get split up during the escape. They agree to meet up at a nearby Civil War site called Parker’s Run, which the cabin survivors had previously used when they first escaped from the compound. Luke says that all they need now is someone to go and set off the PA system to set the escape plan in motion. Realising that she is once again the best choice to get into the office, the survivors send Clementine up to the roof once more. As she ascends the winch, Rebecca gives her instructions on how to turn on the PA system and the outdoor speakers, then tells her to meet the rest of them in the stock-room. She also asks Clementine to make sure to bring Alvin with her.

Reaching the roof, Clementine drops down the skylight into Carver’s office. Alvin is sitting in the chair, still lying unconscious and covered in his own blood. Clementine attempts to wake him but he doesn’t stir. Afterwards, Clementine turns on the microphone and the outdoor speakers. She looks down from the office to see Bonnie, having heard the signal, heading towards the pen to free the group.

Alvin approaches the desk quietly, much to Clementine’s surprise. He opens a drawer on Carver’s desk, seemingly searching for something. He pulls out a small, single-shot derringer. He muses about the irony that a man like Carver would have such a little gun. Clementine looks back out the window to see Carver and a few armed guards splitting up to defend the building and to shut down the PA system. Clementine tries to convince Alvin to leave, but he says that he is in no condition to move, volunteering to stay back and buy Clementine and the group time to get away. Clementine initially refuses to leave him, but eventually agrees to, seeing as he won’t as in no state to move. She thanks him for his sacrifice as she leaves, and Alvin tells her to “look after my girls”, saying that he had a feeling that his baby would be a girl. After saying his final words, Hank will enter the room, and shoots Alvin in the chest. Alvin, using his last ounce of energy, manages to shoot the surprised Hank, killing him. Alvin then slumps over in the chair.

Clementine leaves the office and emerges on the roof. As she heads to the stock-room, she looks out in the distance as the large herd of walkers begin to enter the parking lot. Tavia comes running outside, and begins shooting into the herd as Clementine slips away unnoticed. Reaching the stock-room, Clementine drops down the skylight, only to find that Carver has located and caught the group once more, holding them at gunpoint. He berates them over their decisions, claiming that he will not hesitate to shoot Rebecca and the baby should they attempt to leave again. Clementine gets into position and jumps onto Carver. As he attempts to regain his footing, Kenny punches him in the face, while Luke moves in from his side to disarm him, and holds him at gunpoint. The tables now turned, Carver holds his hands up in surrender as the group contemplates what to do with him. Rebecca notices Alvin’s absence and asks Clementine what happened to him. Clementine stays silent, and Rebecca realises he has died. Luke attempts to comfort her, only for Rebecca to coldly tell him to kill Carver, much to Luke’s surprise. Clementine then says the same, urging Luke to shoot Carver and get this over with. One_Eyed_Kenny

The hesitant Luke is abruptly cut off as Kenny shoots Carver in both of his kneecaps. Collapsing to the floor, Carver looks up at Kenny and the group in surprise. Kenny then lowers his gun before walking past Carver towards a work-bench. He grabs a crowbar, and tells everyone in a menacing tone to wait outside. Sarita attempts to convince him to leave instead of killing Carver, but Kenny refuses, stating that he only needs a minute. Luke, disgusted, will angrily criticise everyone’s morality for letting Kenny do this, claiming that although there is not one part of Carver he doesn’t hate, that doesn’t make this right. Luke will leave the room, stating that he wants nothing to do with what’s about to happen. Carver continues to taunt the rest of the group, calling them ingrates, unaware of how good they have it inside the community. He calls the group “lambs to the slaughter, with no shepherd to guide them once outside the walls”. He then weakly attempts to convince Clementine to stay and watch, while Sarita will approach Clementine, not wanting her to watch the horror.

Sarita attempts to bring Clementine with her outside, not wanting her to watch, but Clementine throws Sarita’s grip off of her, claiming that it isn’t her decision to make.

Clem wants to watch. She wants to make sure this man who caused so much pain is dealt with. She’s not the young girl who needs her innocence protected any more. She’s not Sarah. She’s Lee. She gets things done, and faces the consequences.

Carver praises Clementine’s decision to watch, confirming his earlier beliefs. Carver tells Clementine to go with the feeling she has right now, as that it is what makes her stronger than everyone else. Carver then continues to mock Kenny and Rebecca. Kenny stands over Carver, presumably contemplating his decision. Carver continues taunting the two as Kenny cuts him off, delivering a severe blow to his face with the crowbar, breaking his nose and knocking him onto his back. Kenny continues to savagely beat him to death with the crowbar, mutilating his entire face in the process. Satisfied, Kenny solemnly leaves the room, covered in blood. Clementine watches Carver’s death, initially appearing shocked and disgusted, but as the beating continues, her expression slowly changes to a cold, unemotional gaze. Rebecca collects Carver’s gun from his corpse, and leaves the room along with Kenny and Clementine.

Outside, the herd has arrived. Luke passes Clem a hatchet, and they kill some walkers. The group then sets about smearing themselves with gore. Much like how Lee once applied it to her, she now helped Sarah in the same way. Carlos also aided his daughter. Ready to move out, the group are surprised by the appearance of Troy behind them. He is equally shocked to see them covering themselves in guts. Luke goes for a gun, but Troy stops him threatening to shoot him down. Jane calmly approaches Troy, offering him a place in their group, saying they can run away together and start again, implying they may have had a romantic past of some kind. Troy agrees, but Jane shoots him in the groin, takes his assault rifle, and leaves him screaming as bait for the walkers while she and the rest made their escape.


Jane instructs the others to walk slow, and mimic the walkers. A new danger presents itself as they notice members of Carver’s group on the roof firing on the herd. They could be mistaken for walkers. Sarah begins to panic, and Carlos prompts Clem to calm her. At that moment, a bullet hits him, and he falls. Sarah looks on in absolute terror as walkers devour her father. She screams, and becomes a target for other walkers.

Sarita and Jane begin fighting to protect the two young girls. Clem ready with her hatchet, stays close to Sarah so she can fight too. Realising that Sarah is no use here, and that she is probably a liability, she shouts at her to run, thinking they could both get away from the herd. Sarah rushes off, but Clem is surrounded. She fights her way through a number of walkers, hoping to find a way back to Sarah, when she hears Sarita calling out.

She sees Kenny’s girlfriend struggling with a walker who has his teeth embedded in her wrist. In a snap decision, hoping to save her life, Clem hacks her arm clean off, leaving Sarita staring in horror at her stump.

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Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

Sarita’s severed hand falls to the floor. Staggering in pain as her arm continues to bleed out, Sarita screams in agony, as a group of walkers, drawn to both the sound and the blood, begin to attack her. Hearing her screams, Kenny spots Sarita in the distance being attacked, and rushes to her aid. Kenny dispatches the attacking walkers as Sarita falls to the ground, bleeding and dying from multiple wounds. Mike who follows Kenny over, looks on in shock at the battered Sarita lying on the ground, exclaiming that there are too many walkers, urging Kenny to leave. Kenny, emotionally distraught, refuses to leave Sarita’s side, angrily yelling at Mike to leave them alone. Clementine attempts to convince Kenny to leave, but Kenny angrily lashes out at her, blaming her for Sarita’s fate. Mike, fighting off various walkers, continues to yell out for Kenny to leave, telling him that Sarita is already dead. Still heavily in denial, Kenny continues to mourn over Sarita’s body. Clementine feels a definite sense of urgency to the situation and chooses to put a swift end to it, bringing her hatchet down on Sarita’s head and killing her, much to Kenny’s grief. Kenny, unable to cope with the loss, snaps once more at Clementine, calling her a “stupid fucking kid” as Mike grabs him by the arm and forces him to move. Kenny curses out Clementine as he begins to flee with Mike, telling her that Sarita’s death is on her head. The three begin running towards the woods, eventually getting separated from one another within the herd.

Clementine gets separated from Kenny, and is forced to fight through a couple of walkers that begin to notice her, as she sees Luke and Nick chasing after Sarah, who fail to notice Clementine. As they continue running, Nick takes a stray bullet to the shoulder, as Carver’s people continue to fire into the herd. After killing more walkers, Clem is able to coat herself in blood again and go on camouflaged. She remains silent, knowing that calling for anyone might draw walkers on her.

As she continues to walk, she is grabbed by Rebecca, who has also been separated from the rest of the group. Rebecca is glad to see that Clementine is okay, and the two attempt to escape from the herd together. Clementine scouts ahead for an opening, only for more walkers to box them in, forcing them to retreat back. To their relief, they manage to also find Jane. She tells Clementine and Rebecca to stay calm and continue to walk slowly, but Rebecca begins to panic, and pleads for Jane to help them. Jane suggests they spread out in order to avoid being noticed, but Clementine chooses to stay by Rebecca’s side, seeing as she’s already getting into a state. Jane begins to walk away from the two, but quickly has a change of heart, going back to help them. Jane notes that they need to push through a tight cluster of walkers in order to reach the woods, and asks Clementine to draw a nearby walker’s attention for her. Clementine successfully draws the attention of the nearby walker, as Jane sneaks up behind it and removes its jaw, preventing it from biting them. Jane uses the walker as a ‘cow-catcher,’ pushing through the herd and knocking various walkers out of the way as Rebecca and Clementine follow behind her. The three manage to successfully escape into the forest undetected.

Hours later, the three are seen walking through the forest, heading towards Parker’s Run, the civil war site they previously agreed upon as their meeting spot. As they continue walking, Rebecca begins to lag behind. Clementine, concerned for her well-being, asks Rebecca how she is doing, and she tells her that the pregnancy is beginning to increasingly drain her energy. Rebecca thanks Jane for saving them back at Howe’s Hardware, but begins to voice second thoughts regarding the escape plan, citing the death of Carlos and the separation of the group, claiming that they should have come up with a better plan. Jane adamantly tells her that the plan worked, to Rebecca’s dismay. The two decide to drop the argument, and Jane persists for them to keep moving forward. Rebecca suffers yet another contraction, and Jane allows Rebecca a moment to stop and rest. A conversation about Rebecca’s baby ensues, and when Jane makes an offhand comment about what she will do with the baby, Rebecca takes personal offence to the statement. The two have another short argument, which ends in Jane storming off, as Rebecca attempts to apologise for her outburst.

Jane, Rebecca, and Clementine reach Parker’s Run and are delighted to find Bonnie and Mike waiting for them. They discuss the fact that Nick, Luke, and Sarah have yet to arrive at the meeting place, and that Kenny is sitting nearby seemingly broken. Mike states that Kenny flipped out when he attempted to talk to him, and so Mike and Bonnie suggest that Clementine talk to Kenny and see if he is okay.

Kenny is a mess. Clementine tries to talk with him, but he becomes hostile towards her, stating that just because she is a little girl, it doesn’t mean people won’t care if she kills someone. He becomes increasingly angry and hostile, and this forces Clementine to back out and leave him alone. She returns to the others and continues to discuss their plan of action, with Mike being sceptical about bringing a baby into this world without food or water. Clementine suggests they should go find Luke, Sarah, and Nick, to which Rebecca agrees. As a result, Jane volunteers to search for them, asking Clementine to go along with her. Rebecca thanks Jane for this decision, and the two head out into the forest.

While walking, Jane says how she is not sure they will be able to find Sarah or the others, but Clementine can choose to disagree. Either way, Jane will say that Clementine must be a smart girl, otherwise she would not have been able to make it this far. The two discuss whether or not being in a group is the best option which Clem thinks so, and if surviving alone is the more pragmatic solution which Jane thinks can often be the best option, ending with Jane giving Clementine some advice about her group, claiming that it is cracking and won’t last for much longer. Jane then reveals more of her previous life with her sister, Jaime, recalling the memories of having a little sister and annually visiting an amusement park in Virginia during the Summer.

Momentarily, Jane spots an area ahead, and the two come across the Sunshine Mobile Home Park where two fresh corpses lay on the ground. Jane teaches Clementine to make sure the walkers are dead, and that only fresh walkers contain useful loot. They search the walkers and discover bullets and a nail file. Further ahead, when they flip a walker corpse, Clementine discovers Sarah’s glasses on the ground underneath the walker, meaning that Sarah had once been here. Jane assumed she must be dead, but Clem points out that all this means is that she was here. The argument is settled when Sarah’s screams are heard from within the trailer park, as well as Luke’s voice.

Together, they discover a hole in the fence allowing entry into the trailer park, and they discover that Nick, now a walker, is caught in it. Jane suggests that Clementine as his friend should be the one to end him. Saddened, Clementine does so momentarily afterwards with three hatchet blows to Nick’s head. Jane gives Clementine more advice not to hesitate if she has to do this to other members of her group, and she also gives her a more agile weapon – a scratch awl, noting that her hatchet has a tendency to get stuck.

After entering the trailer park, they discover two walkers close by. Clementine kills one of them, and Jane attacks the other, while also demonstrating a new tactic to Clementine; to kick the walkers in the knees and then stab them in the back of the head. They press onward and discover two more walkers blocking view of a trailer where Sarah and Luke are hiding. Clementine makes use of the tactic Jane had just taught her, and Jane is impressed.

Ahead, they find the trailer park where Sarah and Luke are hiding, but discover that the trailer is surrounded by walkers attracted by Sarah’s screams. The two decide they need to find a way to lure the walkers away, and Clementine decides to use the horn of a nearby car to do so. Together, they drag a walker corpse to the vehicle and leave it on top of the steering wheel, creating the monotonous horn sound which manages to successfully attract the walkers away from the trailer. Jane and Clementine quickly enter another trailer to the side in order to get around to Sarah’s trailer. However, there are two walkers which they must dispose of first, which they do with ease, Clem once again using the new trick.

The two manage to reach the outside of Sarah’s trailer, but discover the door locked. The walker that was left on the steering wheel fell off, resulting in the horn being silenced and the walkers beginning to return to the trailer in which Sarah is screaming. Running out of time, Clementine attempts to open the door while Jane defends her from the walkers. Clementine eventually manages to break open the door by kicking it down, and once inside, the two immediately pull over furniture to block the door from walkers.

Once inside, Luke comes out to find them, and Clementine gives him the sad news of Nick’s death. Luke then explains that Sarah had run to this trailer park for shelter and hasn’t moved since. Clementine rushes over to find Sarah huddled in the corner of a room in shock, presumably over her father’s death. Clementine attempts to talk to her in order to get her to move, reminding her that her father wants her to live, but time begins to run out as the trailer is surrounded by walkers. Luke notes that the only exit is now a skylight. Walkers begin to break the main door down, and Jane rushes to help block it, asking for Luke’s help in doing so. After failing to get Sarah to move, Clementine will go help Jane and Luke, looking for something they could climb on top on to reach the skylight. It turns out that the furniture they used to block the door is the only item they can use to do so, and together they quickly move it over to where the skylight is, with Jane killing the attacking walkers that have entered the trailer. Luke is the first to exit the skylight, and it is then up to Clementine to convince Sarah to leave. Jane, keen to get out, suggests leaving her behind as she’s dead weight.

Clem tries reminding Sarah of how they are friends who should look out for each other, and that her father would not want this, and although Sarah seems to respond a little, she still doesn’t move. With the walkers almost on them, Clem decides to take drastic measures. She slaps Sarah in the hopes she might snap out of it. This works, and Sarah is saved.

On returning, they discover that Rebecca is in increasing pain from her pregnancy, and that Kenny is keeping to himself in a tent. They are greeted by Rebecca, Mike, and Bonnie. Luke takes Rebecca for a walk, and Bonnie asks Clementine if anyone in the group has experience with birthing babies. Clementine suggests Kenny, and decides to talk with him to ask for his help with Rebecca’s pregnancy.

Kenny, although resentful at first, agrees to help, his instinct for family kicking in. The group decides to look for supplies and shelter nearby, and Jane goes towards the local observation deck and gift shop, while Bonnie and Mike head towards a nearby museum. Clementine decides to go with Jane to the observation deck.

Upon reaching the deck, Clementine finds Jane sitting on a bench, and the two discuss the situation more whilst walking to the observation deck. At the top, they discover an ideal safe location for Rebecca to give birth, however, it is locked with a padlock and will take some time to open. A moment later, Clementine spots a stranger with a limp approaching the observation deck from afar, and the two hide. Clem wonders if he really is a threat with the contraption on his leg, but it’s best to play it safe.

The man climbs to the top and attempts to stuff a bag into a garbage bin, but Clementine startles him by greeting him. The man reacts by pointing his gun at her, saying he will not hesitate to shoot her, although he seems to be clearly frightened. Clementine talks to him, asking what he is doing. Jane sneaks up behind him and disarms him, forcing him to drop his bag. The man reveals his name to be Arvo, and Clementine discovers the bag to be filled with medical supplies. Arvo says that the supplies are for his sister, who is very ill. Jane suggests that she should just take the supplies, as their group need them too.

Clem thought that if this crippled man was out getting medicine for his sister, she must be in some bad state too. He was nervous and afraid, and she thought he only pulled the gun in self defence. She refused to steal from him. Jane threatened him and warned him never to come back. After Arvo gratefully hobbled away, Jane went back to breaking the padlock while Clementine returned to Parker’s Run.

Kenny wonders why Bonnie and Mike still aren’t back from the museum, and he suggests that Clementine should go and check up on them, to which she agrees. Clementine stops to talk to Sarah, who says that she is waiting for Carlos to come back, making Clementine worry about her sanity. Her father had hinted that there may be a mental issue.

When she arrives Clem finds Bonnie and Mike have not found any supplies yet, but welcome Clementine’s help. Clementine manages to discover a Civil War Confederate coat that could be used as a blanket for Rebecca. Mike expresses concern about the implications, but they figure it wouldn’t be important. She also sees two water barrels in a locked room. She manages to open the window gate partially, allowing herself to squeeze through into the other room to unlock the door. Clementine gets stuck half-way through, and suddenly a walker rises up from the locked room and grabs Clementine. Mike begins to kick down the door as Bonnie attempts to pull Clementine out. Mike manages to successfully kick down the door and knocks down the walker which Clementine then finishes off. Mike grabs the water barrels, and as they head outside, Bonnie notices a raccoon. The trio suggest capturing it and eating it later. After trying to capture it, the raccoon heads outside where it is revealed to have a family, and Clementine can says that she is happy that it managed to escape. Mike agrees. The three then head back to Parker’s Run with the water barrels and coat.

As they return, Rebecca begins screaming in pain, attracting a herd of walkers nearby. The group quickly try to move Rebecca to the safer observation deck that Jane was working on earlier. Clem yells to Mike to take the barrels. Kenny alone, with a look of sheer determination bordering on madness, marches towards approaching walkers as the others help Rebecca get away. Clem thinks Kenny has just charged to his death; Is this bravery? Is this madness? Is this an attempt at redeeming himself again? However, he shortly after follows the group.

Upon arriving at the observation deck, Clementine discovers Luke and Jane had just been romping together. Kenny instantly snaps and becomes hostile towards Luke as it was his responsibility to be on the lookout for walkers. Regardless, the walkers begin to climb the observation deck, and the group prepare for it. Kenny stays with Rebecca who is ready to give birth, while the others try to secure the gate.

The gate begins to break, and Luke asks Clementine to find something they can use to block it. She decides to use the nearby cannon, and Luke helps her wheel it over, but to their horror, the increased weight of the cannon causes a portion of the deck to collapse underneath them. Sarah and Jane to topple over, as well as several walkers. Luke manages to clasp Jane’s arm, but Sarah is trapped on the ground underneath piles of rubble and is unable to escape. Clemetine yells at Jane to help Sarah, but Jane refuses. Clementine looks down at Sarah, seeing walkers closing in. If they drop Jane for her, it looks as though both would definitely die. Meanwhile Jane yells for them to pull her up. Jane had repeatedly said that Sarah was not going to survive as she was, and Sarah herself had almost given herself over to the walkers in the trailer. It would not be easy to keep taking care of someone who was such a liability. And if Jane died trying to save her, they’d lose someone who was really effective and experienced. She’d asked once already, and Jane had said no. Clem decided all she could do was pull Jane up and try to come up with another way to save Sarah if they could.

But there was no more time. Clementine pulled Jane up, and Sarah was lost to the walkers.

Rebecca continues screaming from giving birth as Jane apologises to which Clem snaps “You didn’t even try!”, but Jane quickly notices that the walkers are using the collapsed deck to climb up towards them. Luke decides that they need to collapse the rest of the deck, to which Clementine discovers that she could collapse it if she cut the remaining cable with her hatchet. Mike boosts her up in order to reach the cable, and Clementine manages to dislodge the mechanisms after three swipes, causing the remainder of the deck to collapse and crush the walker herd. The group quickly return to Rebecca, and discover the baby in Kenny’s hands.

Later that night, Clementine sits with Rebecca and her baby. Rebecca offers to let Clementine hold him. Clem says she doesn’t know how, so Rebecca shows her. Kenny  approaches them and offers to look after the child for the night in order to allow Rebecca to get some rest.

Clementine then discovers Jane attempting to leave. When questioned about it, she claims that Sarah’s death reminded her too much of her sister, and that she wouldn’t be able to watch the same thing happen to Clementine. Clem finds the whole thing disappointing. Jane seems to run from trouble rather than trying to fix it. She felt she was at least partly to blame for Sarah’s death. If she had helped straight away instead of refusing, maybe it would have been different. Jane then offers her a nail file as a parting gift.

Luke arrives to find Clementine sitting alone. Upon hearing about Jane’s sudden departure, he angrily bangs the wall, which angers Kenny. The two have a tense argument in front of Clementine until Rebecca calls out for Kenny to give her the baby. The group then argues about their next destination, mainly about Rebecca’s physical condition. Kenny wants to leave straight away, while Luke says Rebecca needs rest. Most of the group abstain and Rebecca supports Clementine, who says they should stay and let Rebecca get her strength up.

When the group decides to leave, they head northwards as the location becomes coated in snowfall. Rebecca becomes visibly weak and collapses, halting their travel as she rests on a car tire. As Kenny and Luke persist in arguing over the decision to leave earlier or later, the man that Clementine and Jane met earlier arrives, along witThe-Walking-Dead-Season-2-stand offh three other Russian people that hold Clementine’s group at gunpoint. Arvo asks where Jane is, and when Clementine tells him that she had left, Arvo believes it to be a trap, causing both groups to become hostile and aim guns towards one another. Clementine begins to hear the sounds of a walker, and turns in a horrified glance to find that Rebecca had died and zombified in mere minutes, still holding the baby in her arms. Clementine does what she thinks she has to do in this situation and shoots her; she had to save the baby. The groups become startled and several gunshots are fired.ep4 20160613123431_1

Episode 5: No Going Back

The group and the Russians engage in a gunfight. Clementine falls to the ground, dazed. She sees Mike shot in the shoulder, who retreats to cover with Bonnie. Arvo is seen trying to resuscitate his sister, who has been shot in the chest. Vitali and Kenny Kenny trades shots with one Russian, while another focuses his fire on Luke who is using a wall as cover. She sees the baby on the floor by his dead mother as bullets fly around. Luke calls her to take cover with him.

Clem knew she needed to get out of the open, but she would be damned if she was leaving a defenceless newborn in the cold right in the middle of a gunfight! She grabbed him and dashed over to Luke, who says he hadn’t even noticed the infant. He asks her to provide cover fire for him so he can get a good angle on the Russians. She does, but Luke is hit in the leg.

Luke tries to get himself back behind cover as one of the Russians takes aim for the kill shot. Kenny kills the Russian before he gets the chance. Then he grabs Arvo and holds him hostage telling the last Russian to stop or he’ll shoot.

As he does so, Arvo’s sister reanimates as a walker and crawls towards Clem. She immediately shoots her in the head, at which point Arvo, in tears, breaks free of Kenny and rushes to her side. Clem is about ready to put a bullet in his head too.

With Arvo out of the way, the other Russian fires at Kenny, who just about avoids the shot by diving to the ground. As the Russian prepares to finish Kenny off, Jane suddenly appears from the woods and stabs him in the neck. Kenny shoots the man in the head for good measure. Clem is really pleased to see Jane returned, hoping she had finally learned the importance of friendship and loyalty.

The rest of the group emerge from cover, while Jane confides in Clementine, stating she had never killed a person she didn’t know and did not wrong her in some way. Clem says that he was trying to kill them, so that’s wrong enough. She claims that she tried to pretend he was a walker, but that it didn’t soften the impact of killing him.

The group then gather around Rebecca’s body, mourning her loss and promising to take care of her baby. Kenny, visibly irritated, walks over to Arvo and begins to hit him, but is stopped by Luke and Mike. Luke and Mike defend Arvo from Kenny, claiming that he is no longer a threat to them, to which Kenny disagrees, before pulling out his gun and angrily telling Mike to move out of the way. The rest of the group attempt to calm Kenny down, and Arvo tells the group that he has food and shelter and that he can take them there. Clem does not trust Arvo either, but the draw of food and shelter is powerful, and she is against killing defenceless prisoners. They should see what he has to offer, and decide afterwards. Hopefully this wasn’t another trap. Eventually, the argument is defused, and Kenny begrudgingly agrees to follow Arvo to shelter.

On their way, Jane talks with Clementine about why she returned and her increasing concerns for Kenny’s mental state. Jane claims that Clementine is the only person in the group that Kenny truly trusts, and that she will have to be the one to pull him back from this state. As the group continues, Luke’s leg gives out, which he claims is due to putting too much weight on it. The group all agree to stop for a short while, but Arvo, seemingly lost in his thoughts, doesn’t hear Kenny telling him to stop. Enraged once more, Kenny throws Arvo to the ground and continues to threaten him. Once again, Mike interrupts this argument and halts the conflict. Bonnie then gives Mike the baby to look after while she helps tend to Luke’s leg wound. After Bonnie has a short conversation with Luke about his and others’ tendencies to get into fights, she asks Clementine to keep pressure on Luke’s wound while she goes to find some bandages. Luke, now alone with Clementine, proceeds to express heavy guilt regarding the rest of the cabin survivors, expressing disbelief that he is the only one left, and believing that the others had died in vain. Clementine attempts to console him, but he insists that he could have done more for the group, and has to live with his decisions. Bonnie eventually returns with a bandage for Luke, before asking Clementine if she could change the bandage on Kenny’s wound, as he refused to let Bonnie do it when she offered, to which Clementine agrees.

Heading over to Kenny, the two discuss possible names for the baby. They aren’t sure what to call him, especially as Alvin thought it would be a girl. They ultimately agree on Alvin Jr. Kenny notices the bottle of alcohol in Clementine’s hands, and assures her that he is fine, and doesn’t need his wound cleaned or bandaged. Clementine tells him he doesn’t have a choice, so he agrees amused. She successfully manages to take off the old bandage, sterilise the wound, and attach a clean bandage, during which they talk further about how Alvin Jr, and Kenny’s own guilt over the demise of Alvin and Rebecca. Kenny feels partially responsible for Alvin’s death, before the rest of the group are finished and they continue towards the house. He seems back to normal, although sad.

The group stumble across an abandoned power station, and Kenny asks Arvo if it is the shelter he is taking them to. Arvo explains that the shelter is a house which itself is a few hours away, which irritates Kenny, who claims that Arvo has been lying to them. Clem isn’t completely convinced either, having believed the walk would not be this long.

They all decide to stop for the night, as they need the rest, so Kenny and Jane scout the power station to ensure its safety, while Clementine holds AJ, using Rebecca’s previous advice before handing him to Bonnie. Kenny and Jane return and call the rest of the group down to get settled at the station.

Later they settle around a small fire, with Arvo tied up close by, and Jane standing off on her own near the fence. Luke reveals that today is his birthday, to which the group congratulates him, and they continue to have a heartfelt discussion about past memories. Bonnie takes out a special bottle of rum which she had been saving for a special occasion, and she passes it to Luke in honour of his birthday. She asks him to make a toast, which Luke makes in the honour of the loved ones that the group has lost along the way, and to the hope that they may see them again one day. Afterwards, Kenny volunteers to take first watch with AJ, while the others try to invite Jane to join them, to which she refuses. They then discuss Jane and her reasons for returning, as well as Bonnie ribbing Luke about his sexual encounter with her. Bonnie then passes the bottle of rum to Clementine and asks her to try and convince Jane and Kenny to join them by the fire. Clem is happy to, feeling that this is the first time in a long time that there has just been a nice, relaxed, calm atmosphere, and the group needs it.

Heading over to Jane, Clementine waves the bottle of rum in her view and Jane says that joining them by the fire might be awkward. Nonetheless, Clementine convinces her to take a sip of the bottle, and the two have a conversation about Jane’s past memory of being drunk before she offers Clementine a sip, which she accepts, saying that it’s nicer than Nick’s moonshine. She then gives Clementine the bottle to offer to Kenny, who probably needs it more than anyone, and she joins the rest of the group by the fire.

Clem tries to talk to Arvo, wanting to know why he did what he did, but he refuses to speak, wanting to be left alone.

Clementine then heads over to Kenny, who scolds her about drinking. She says she can make her own decisions. He apologises about his behaviour towards her after Sarita’s death, claiming that he couldn’t handle the loss, before reminiscing about Katjaa and Duck. He goes on to admit that didn’t raise his son like he should have, and that he wasn’t always there when he needed him. He laments that he used to believe that he enjoyed the time away from his family, but that he would do anything to have one more second with them. Clementine tries to comfort him, saying he might see them again one day. Kenny seems to feel a little better, but vows that he won’t make the same mistakes raising AJ, before asking Clementine to return to the fire. Clementine urges him to come with him, as the group wants to include everyone, and he needs to take it easy. He agrees.

Upon returning to the fire, she finds everyone continuing to joke about Luke and Jane’s sexual encounter. Clem says she knows what they’re talking about but thinks it’s just kissing. The sound of Arvo weeping gets Mike’s attention, so he takes the bottle over to Arvo, which Clem doesn’t approve of. Bonnie says that she believes Arvo is not a bad person, and that good people sometimes do bad things, especially given the onset of the apocalypse. Clem thinks Bonnie would say that, seeing as what she did before is comparable to what Arvo did.

They are interrupted by Arvo’s screams. Arvo yells at Mike to leave him alone, and Mike will apologise and back off. Arvo breaks down once more over his sister, and Mike attempts to console him, telling him that she is in a better place. After they agree to get some rest, Kenny goes back on watch as the group retires for the night.

The next morning, the group follow Arvo towards the house. Kenny, still bickering with Arvo, unknowingly walks past a walker lying dormant behind a rock, which gets up and attempts to attack him, sending both the walker and Kenny to the ground. Clementine shoots the walker dead, but Bonnie expresses concern over the noise of the gunshot and the potential of drawing more walkers to their location. Arvo says that the house is very close, and after a short walk, will point out a building that is half built, barely fit to be a shelter. It stands at the other side of a frozen lake, which the group are apprehensive to cross. Realising that there are no nearby crossings, and at the insistence of Arvo that the ice is thick enough for them to cross over, the group decide to cross the lake, with Arvo volunteering to take the lead. Clem suggests that they spread out so they don’t put too much weight on one area.

As they slowly cross the lake, Jane notices a small group of walkers following them, alerted by the earlier gunshot. As clusters of walkers begin to fall through the ice, the group pauses in panic. Arvo begins to desperately run towards land, while an angered Kenny follows suit. Mike, noticing the scuffle, chases after the two, believing Kenny will hurt him. Arvo crosses a weak spot and plunges in to the icy water, struggling to get back out. Kenny catches up to him and pulls him out, and the two, along with Mike holding the baby, make it to the other side.

The remainder of the group, seeing that the rest have made it safely across, begin to continue along the ice. However, Clementine and Bonnie hear the sound of ice cracking behind them, and turn to see Luke standing over a severely cracked patch of ice. Frozen in fear, Luke looks up at the two. Bonnie attempts to go back for him, but Luke tells her and Clementine to stay back. Bonnie, still insistent that Luke needs help, tries to approach him, but is stopped by Luke once more, who claims that he can make it out on his own if he’s careful. After moving too swiftly, the ice begins to break, sending Luke’s injured leg into the water. Clementine and Bonnie, now excessively worried, call out to him, but Luke continues to insist that he can pull himself out of the water. Bonnie then asks Clementine to go back and help Luke, stating that she’s small enough for the ice to hold, while Luke attempts to persuade Clementine to shoot the approaching walkers while he works to pull himself out. Clem is in agreement that of the two of them, she being the lighter has a better chance of helping, but wonders if Luke is right about being able to get himself out as long as the walkers are kept away. If he’s wrong, he will either drown or the walkers will get him.

She slowly approaches him hoping she will have the strength to pull him to safety. Luke desperately pleads with her to go back, but the ice beneath the two of them collapses, plunging both of them into the icy water. Clementine swims upward to the ice, unable to find the hole she came in through. She persistently bangs her hand against it in an attempt to break it, but a walker, having fallen in manages to grab hold of her leg and begins to pull her down. She manages to kick the walker away, only for yet another walker to lunge at her. Luke quickly appears and wrestles the walker away from Clementine, but as he attempts to swim back up to the surface, the walker manages to grab onto his injured leg. Clementine can do nothing but helplessly watch as Luke is pulled down into the depths of the lake, desperately thrashing to get away. Jane pulls Clementine out of the lake and rushes her to the house.

The group arrives at the unfinished house, with Jane exclaiming that they must get a fire started to prevent Clementine from freezing to death. As Jane searches the house for fire-wood, the rest express disbelief over the death of Luke. Kenny angrily blames Arvo for the incident. Arvo, now pushed to his breaking point from all the abuse, curses Kenny. Kenny’s bursts violently towards Arvo, beating him severely while roaring insults at the Russian.

Clem sits by and watches until Mike grabs Kenny from behind. She really couldn’t care what happened to Arvo, and would have shot him for his betrayal at the gunfight given the chance. Mike is wrestled away, with Kenny shouting at him for stopping him. Mike voices his anger at Kenny for lashing out at Arvo but Kenny claims the Russian deserves it.

Jane returns with a bag of supplies and exclaims that Arvo wasn’t lying, and chastises Kenny for beating the teenager to near death. Kenny then ties Arvo up while Jane tends to starting a fire. Clementine gives Jane the file she gave her before, who then uses it to start a fire. All of the group then rest for a short while.

Upon waking, Clementine sees Mike tending to Arvo and asking if he was alright, and wonders why he cares about him. Jane offers Clementine some food. The two of them discuss Luke, and Jane’s sorrow over his unfortunate demise. She contemplates whether or not coming back was the right choice. Clem assures her it was.

Mike, now visibly upset over Kenny’s various outbursts, angrily storms out of the room as Kenny walks in. Kenny asks Clementine to help him fix a truck outside of the house, which he claims is in good shape, and only needs a little bit of work in order to get it started. Clementine agrees to help, while Jane decides to stay behind to watch AJ. Kenny shoots a distrustful glance towards Jane at the mention of this, before leaving with Clementine.

Outside, Kenny questions Clementine as to what she and Jane were talking about, believing them to be talking about him. Clementine assures him that they were not, and the two of them begin to tend to the truck. Kenny gives Clementine the keys and sits her in the driver’s seat while he works under the hood. Whilst working, Kenny will imply his personal distrust of Jane and her motives, but Clementine maintains that she likes her and she’s good for the group. After telling Clementine to turn the ignition, which fails to start, Kenny explains that he wants to get to Wellington. After failing to start the truck a second time, Kenny gets angered, claiming that they are running out of time, and that they need to continue moving in order to keep AJ alive. Kenny tells Clementine to go back inside, saying that he doesn’t trust leaving Jane alone with AJ.

Clementine stops to speak to Bonnie who is sat on the stoop. She offers Clem a cigarette, which she refuses. She talks about her past regrets, and Clem feels that Bonnie has just about earned forgiveness for her mistake with Carver. It wasn’t the same as Arvo: Bonnie didn’t know what she was doing, Arvo probably did.

Jane has moved AJ elsewhere, as Mike and Arvo were talking too much, and she wanted AJ to be more comfortable. From where they are seated, they can see Kenny working and struggling to fix the truck. The two of them discuss Kenny, as Jane argues that he is becoming a very clear and present threat to the group. She claims that he is going down a dark path, and draws parallels between him and Carver. Clementine can see her point, but doesn’t think Kenny is like that. Kenny’s thing has always been ‘family first’, but that can often be to the detriment of anyone he doesn’t consider family. She ominously states that while the two have known each other for a long time, she’ll have to decide how much it is worth in the very near future. Clem knows fully that Kenny is often the reason arguments start, and the group is tense, but she also knows that he means well. AJ begins to cry and Clementine comforts him, giving him some baby formula. She says that they are running out of the formula, and Jane will begin to recite a story about an older group she was with earlier. As Jane reminisces, they are interrupted by the sound of the truck starting up, as Clementine and the rest rush outside to Kenny.

The rest of the group run outside to find that Kenny had fixed the truck, and they discuss what they should do next. Kenny thinks that they should continue heading to Wellington, while others think they should return southward towards Howe’s Hardware. Kenny once more gets angered by this, and the disagreement begins to turn heated. Kenny goes on to claim that since he started the truck, he gets to decide where they should go, and stubbornly insists on heading north in search of Wellington. Mike will relent, and instead ask about Arvo, who Kenny states they will leave behind. Mike argues with Kenny, expressing concern over the possibility of him dying by himself, and that he knows the area and could be a potential help to them. Clementine wants to go to Wellington, remembering that to be where Christa was also heading, and always having it in mind that it was meant to be a safe place. Howe’s Hardware sounded like an awful idea. For all they knew it could still be overrun by the walker herd, or some of Carver’s goons could still be keeping it. She does however feel the best thing to do immediately is to sleep on it. They elect to figure things out in the morning. Kenny, angered and outnumbered, enters the truck. Mike asks Clementine to talk some sense into Kenny before heading back inside.

Clementine will go around to an incredibly angered Kenny, who tells Clementine to get in the truck and shut the door. Kenny will rant about what just happened, and how important it is to continue north. He begins to talk how a lot of people died for them to get where they are, and that they owe it to them to see the group, and AJ, to safety. Clem doesn’t want to leave alone, and her talk with Jane makes her wary of the idea of trying to survive with just Kenny and a baby for companions. Kenny suggests they should get some sleep and figure everything out in the morning. Clementine agrees, and the two return to the house.

Clementine awakes to an unusual sound banging on the house. She gets up and looks out of the window to see a loose cable swinging into the house with the wind. Upon exiting the house to fix it, she hears a noise and discovers Mike and Arvo attempting to leave with the fixed truck. She tries to approach them quietly, not wanting to startle them, but Arvo draws a rifle on her, so she pulls out her pistol. Mike turns and notices Clementine, and attempts to quell the stand-off. Bonnie then appears with the remainder of the supplies, planning to also leave with Mike and Arvo. Mike will calmly explain that they are simply leaving, and that nothing has to get heated as long as they all stay quiet. Clementine questions them all about leaving, asks why they are doing this. She liked Mike, had mixed feelings about Bonnie, although had been warming to her, although this fresh betrayal put her back at square one, and she was ready at a moments notice to put a bullet in Arvo’s head.

Mike explains that they need to get away from Kenny, and they are afraid of his instability and irrational behaviour, fearing what he might do next. Mike slowly and calmly approaches Clementine, asking her to drop her weapon. She holds her ground, but the only person here she wants dead is the Russian. Mike carefully takes the gun from her anyway. However, a panicked Arvo shoots Clementine in the shoulder and she falls to the ground in pain. Bonnie worries about Clementine’s wound, before they all run off together as Kenny barges out of the house yelling. Clementine loses consciousness.

Clem dreams of Lee, back in the RV with Lilly being held prisoner after killing Carley. Lee tells her that people don’t always make sense, and how anger and grief can cloud a person’s better judgement. Lee will eventually wrap the conversation around into an important life lesson: “Part of growing up is doing what’s best for people you care about… even if sometimes, that means hurting someone else.” Clementine will claim that she does not want to hurt anyone, but Lee sadly claims that it is not that easy. After Lee reassures Clementine that everything will be alright, she falls back asleep peacefully in his arms.

Clementine wakes up in the back seat of the truck with Kenny, Jane, and AJ. After asking about her wound, Jane tells her that the bullet managed to go straight through, and that she should be fine. Kenny and Jane start arguing about the safest location to go. Kenny continues to insist on heading north, while Jane attempts to convince Kenny otherwise, to no avail. Giving up, Jane instead starts to provoke Kenny, getting into a much more personal argument with him. The argument gets heated when Kenny makes a snide remark to Jane regarding her past, to which Jane responds by bringing up Kenny’s family. Kenny angrily warns her to stop, and Jane will continue to rant about Kenny’s family, and how the people close to him fear him and his behaviour, including Clem in that remark, which Kenny instinctively and angrily denies. Clem tries to stay neutral, fed up of the conflict in the group, and not sure who to side with. She cared about both of them, and wanted them to get along.

They are forced to stop at a pile-up of cars blocking the road. Kenny decides to leave the truck in search of fuel. As he exits the truck, Kenny will point to a sign for a nearby rest area, telling them to meet him there should anything happen. Clementine will climb into the driver’s seat. Jane suggests that they should leave right then and there in the truck, which Clementine disagrees with, but the two are cut off by the sound of gunshots in the distance. Walkers, attracted by the gunshots, begin to approach the truck. Panicking, Jane tells Clementine to drive the car ahead, which she manages to do.

They don’t travel far before Clementine hits a walker in the road, causing them to swerve and crash into the side of the road. The walker becomes wedged into the windshield, forcing Jane to exit the car with AJ, leaving Clementine inside the car. Clementine manages to shoot the walker dead, but more approach them, causing Jane to flee the scene with AJ in her arms. After Clem gets out, she realises that Jane is nowhere in sight, and so she draws her weapon and continues on her own through the snow and mist.

After walking a fair distance, she finally arrives at the rest area mentioned by Kenny. As she enters the rest stop, she sees Kenny looking out through a window in search of them, and he quickly turns towards Clementine. He asks if Clementine is okay, before asking where AJ is. Clementine says that he is with Jane, and a worried Kenny immediately barges outside in search of Jane. Clementine peers out through a window and sees Jane approaching in the distance, and Kenny will return to greet her inside. It is revealed that Jane does not have the baby with her, and Kenny demands to know what happened to AJ. When she replies with silence, both Kenny and Clementine fear the worst, and Kenny rushes outside in search of AJ. With Kenny gone, Jane will quickly change her demeanor, telling Clementine to stay out of the conflict that is about to ensue, saying that she wants Clementine to see Kenny for what he really is, implying that there is no need to worry about the baby.

The two of them then watch in fear as Kenny storms back towards the rest area, fists clenched and going straight for Jane. His rage is peaked as he says that Jane killed the baby. Clementine has no idea what to think. Would Jane kill a baby to prove a point? To make her own life safer and easier? Did Kenny find the body? If he did why did he leave it? She stays out of the way as Kenny attacks Jane. Jane claims that what happened was an accident, which Kenny dismisses as a lie. Clem wonders if a walker got the baby. Did Jane not try to save AJ, like she left Sarah?

Clementine attempts to calm them down, but Kenny, now in a state of pure rage, charges at Jane. The two of them fight brutally, all the while Clem helplessly tries to pull them apart and stop either of them getting hurt. She wants to talk, and find out what is actually going on.

Eventually, the fight takes all three of them outside, with all on the floor. Having been knocked about, Clem’s wound is reopened, and she lays in pain a few feet away from the wrestling adults. She notices her gun laying by her.

Kenny pounces on Jane, pins her to the ground and holds the knife above her as Jane desperately holds him back. He tries to push it down to her throat, while she desperately pushes it away, though managing for the time being, she clearly is fighting a losing battle, and it’s only a matter of time before she is killed. Clem can only see two options left. Wait for the fight to come to its natural conclusion with Kenny murdering Jane, or uuse her gun to shoot him and save her. She tearfully holds the gun aimed at Kenny for what feels like an age as she struggles with the decision.

She likes Jane, and she appreciates all the great things she taught her, but she doesn’t completely trust her. She knows Jane would let someone die if she considered them weak or a liability. Did she kill AJ? But she said she wanted to prove who Kenny really was. Clem thought Jane would leave someone to die if she had to, but she wouldn’t actually kill someone if they had done nothing wrong. She knows that all along she has been pointing out Kenny’s dark side and she had hinted that the baby was ok.

Kenny on the other hand has always been a friend. He was one of the first people looking out for her when the outbreak happened. He’s her link to the past with Lee. But he’s not Lee. He never was. He was often a problem for Lee. He was more often a problem and a source of tension for the groups he was in as a whole. Right now he had the upper hand in a fight, and was going to kill someone he had clearly bested. His temper was unpredictable, and made him do rash and harsh things. He killed Larry. He wanted to kill Ben. He would have killed Arvo, but that would have been no big deal. He wants to protect his family, but too many times he’s been out of control and acts before thinking. He’d already raged at Clem for things she had done in the hopes of helping. Jane was right. Kenny was a danger, and as much as she wanted to fix him, it may be that it was too late for that.

Tearfully, Clementine shoots Kenny in the chest, causing him to fall. Jane and Clementine will stand back up and approach the dying Kenny. Unusually calm and serene Kenny smiles at Clementine, whispering that she did the right thing. Kenny admits that he let everybody down, and that despite asking so many times for death, he’s scared of it now that it is happening to him. Clementine will then say a final goodbye to him as he dies peacefully in the snow.

Jane and Clementine will then hear the sound of a crying baby in the distance. Clem discovers AJ safe in a car. She asks Jane about why she lied about AJ. Jane will explain that she hid AJ in order to provoke Kenny and show Clementine what he was truly capable of.

Maybe Kenny was a danger. But Jane had lied to both of them and caused his death by doing so. Clem was already unsure about whether she could trust Jane, but an outright lie pushed her to a decision. All those times Jane had told her being alone was a good thing, and the times she had proved she would sacrifice others for her own safety, just went to show that she was not someone who Clem could have faith in. She chose to walk away. Jane pleads with Clementine to stay, apparently finally having learned the importance of companionship, but it does not succeed.

Nine days later, Clementine, is walking through a hilly area with AJ in her arms. She spots a walker herd in the distance. She finishes off a dying walker nearby and covers both herself and the baby in walker guts, allowing them safe travel through the herd.

She had chosen to be alone. Although all along she stressed the importance of keeping the group together, she also knew that the group could not work with untrustworthy members.

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