What We’d Like To See In a Crash Team Racing (CTR) Remaster

crashtrcrashinkartVicarious Visions were responsible for the era of Crash that was sort of OK, but nowhere near as quality as the original Naughty Dog productions. However they have recently pulled it out of the bag with their remastered versions of Crashes 1 to 3 in the N.Sane Trilogy.

Although any talk of remastering the best racing game of all time does not seem to currently be on the table, considering the success of the N.Sane remaster, and the high demand for a CTR comeback, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think it might happen.

With that in mind, here is a list of things and features that I, as someone who counts CTR as one of my favourite games ever, would like to see in a remake.

More Playable Characters

If there was one thing that ever bothered me about the original game, and I think there may have only been one thing, it was that despite the impressive cast of playable characters, they left out a mere handful that had appeared in the previous games!
It seemed so strange to me that having included Penta Penguin and Fake Crash, and putting Pura the tiger into a kart, that they would leave out Nitrus Brio, Koala Kong, Komodo Moe, and Tawna.
That was all that was missing! Except for the obvious, the villain of the game himself, Nitros Oxide.

So the first step would be to instate those guys. Without question.

But, the Crash family and rogue’s gallery has grown since the Naughty Dog days, and we wouldn’t mind seeing some of VV’s and others introduced to the karts.

Most particularly Crash’s ally Crunch Bandicoot would be a good guy version of Tiny.

Some other characters that probably should be included might be:
N. Trance
Zam, Zem, and Velo from ‘Crash Nitro Kart’
Nina Cortex
Victor and Moritz, the Evil Twins from ‘Crash: Twinsanity’
Pasadena O’Possum
Ebenezer Von Clutch
Yaya Panda

As well as the characters from the Crash series, fans would likely welcome cameos from a few other games that often crossover into the universe:


crash-bash-playstation-screenshot-character-selectionsFor me, there is one more character who I would absolutely want to see in a CTR remaster. And I know he is likely to be an unpopular choice, but, that is precisely why I want him here.
In games like these, quite often you might have a certain character that you see as your nemesis. No matter how well you do, you want to at least beat that one. Nothing else matters.
For me, while playing the mixed bag that was ‘Crash Bash’, that nemesis was Rilla Roo. He had no business taking a spot in a game that only had eight playable characters, when there was a great lineup of others that anyone would have rather seen. So whenever I played, he was always my target.
I would like to take that rivalry to CTR if I can.

Extra Race Tracks

Considering that the N.Sane Trilogy takes three games and puts them on one disk for PS4, a CTR remaster probably has some room for extra tracks.
They could borrow tracks from the other Crash racing games. Although the games themselves were not as good as CTR by an means, some of the tracks weren’t bad. They could pick a few favourites.
crash-bandicoot-3 -warped-screenshot
What might be better though is to keep to the themes of the first three Crash games and invent some more tracks based on famous levels. There could be a time travel element, so the players can race through various locations from Warped, like the Medieval world, Ancient Egypt, Pirate ships and coves, and of course the Great Wall of China.

They could reinvent classic platform stages from the other games to make interesting tracks. Imagine racing down the Great Gate or along the High Road from Crash 1.

And one that I feel is a must is to have a Hog Ride level from Crash 3, complete with cop cars hurtling down the highway in the wrong direction.

Updated Animations

VV did a great job in the N.Sane Trilogy of updating the graphics but still letting the characters look like they originally meant to. Obviously the same would apply here.

But they could also take a cue from the Mario Kart games (inferior racing titles) and let the characters look around and react rather than sit like solid blocks the way that they do in the PS1 game.

Same Control Physics

This is an absolute must. A massive part of what made CTR so incredible is the control system. Everything feels right. Things respond as they should.
Every other Crash racer since feels more like the Mario Kart games, where the controls just don’t feel tight at all. A lot of the time, it feels like races are won through luck rather than skill.
CTR controls were easy to learn, but took some skill to master. They were perfect.


Four way split screen is a must again. We all loved CTR, and we loved playing it together in one room. It wouldn’t be the same playing online.

However, we should also have online play as well. Best of both worlds.

When it comes to organising multiplayer matches though, I think it would be vital to have a toggle option to play CTR original experience only, or include all the new stuff too. Sometimes you just want to be a purist and have it the way it always was.

Team Racing

This would be the other thing that bothered me about CTR. It’s called ‘Crash TEAM Racing’, but there’s no team aspect to it. Crash Nitro Kart introduced teams, so it would be great to implement them into CTR finally. There could be ready made teams (like Team Bandicoot: Crash, Coco, Crunch), but you could also invent your own for multiplayer.

Two Games in One

As the N.Sane Trilogy was three games in one, would it hurt for CTR Remaster to be two?

Now, I’m not saying they should pull in Nitro Kart or any of the other racers. No.
This should be a direct sequel to CTR.

The idea here is that the original CTR story mode allows players to unlock various things, playable characters and tracks etc. However, if VV add extra characters and tracks to the game, there won’t be any room for them to be unlocked through play.
So rather than shoehorn them in where they don’t belong, they should create CTR 2. I’d leave it to them to come up with a story, but seeing as Oxide is not playable or unlockable in CTR, he is free to be the villain again, and can be unlocked somehow through playing that.

This second game can introduce new features like Team racing, and the extra race tracks. And the unused characters like Koala Kong and Rilla Roo could be the new bosses unlocked in Cup races.

While the original CTR story mode only has 8 playable characters, CTR 2 could allow you to play as any original game character that you have unlocked.

Alternate Vehicles

Some people would call for kart customisation. I personally quite like that each character has its own coloured kart that they have chosen, so I’m not that into changing things here. I wouldn’t be against including paint jobs and wheel swaps etc, but I’m not fussed about bringing it in.

What might be fun though is to have alternative vehicle choices for some characters. Crash Bandicoot being the hero of the game has a kart that gives average all around performance. But it would be fun to unlock his motorbike which has more acceleration than his regular kart. Or he could unlock his actual warthog for more speed, or even his dinosaur for better handling.
Not every character has iconic things to draw out, but it would be a bit of fun for the few that do. Just a few ideas:

Cortex floating platform
N. Gin Spacecraft
Coco Spaceship
Pura Spaceship
Komodo Bros Tanks
Tiny Tiger on a roman lion

Keep the Cheats!

Penta Penguin is a character only unlockable through a cheat code, so at the very least this one needs to be kept. But, there were also various game modes and perks that could only be accessed with codes, like ‘permanent juice up’ and ‘super hard mode’.
Besides these, I frequently used the character and track unlock cheats to get access to everything in the game.
I have legitimately unlocked all of the tracks and characters at least once, but sometimes when you take the game to a friend’s house, or you lose your save file, you just want to pump the codes in to get your progress back to where it was for the maximum experience.

Track Designer

This is another thing I’m actually not fussed about seeing. But, I do see the benefit of a large online community building tracks and increasing the shelf life of the game. As long as we don’t have to download every track to our systems and can stream them, although I’m not sure how possible that might be.

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